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School Uniform

KS3single             KS4uniform
KS3                                         KS4


School uniform creates a sense of belonging and gives us a clear identity to unite behind, which we can then promote pride in.  This pride helps us raise standards.  The staff and governors of the school believe that wearing a uniform helps to raise both standards in academic work and behaviour.  It also increases our presence in the community.   An information booklet in the form of a 'School Uniform Guide' is available to parents and provides further details relating to School Uniform.  For students joining us in September 2017 please refer to the 'New Year 7 School Uniform Guide'.

There are NO exceptions to the requirements.

School uniform should be worn smartly.  Boys shirts should be tucked in, buttons done up to the neck.  All uniform should be clean and tidy, and in good repair.

Hair and Make-Up

A reminder that hair must be kept clean, tidy and of reasonable lenfth.  Exaggerated and coloured hairstyles are NOT permitted, this includes hairstyles which are deemed by the Headteacher to be excessively long or short.  Only natural hair cololur is permitted.   Hair which is shaven should be no shorter than grade 2 and equal throughout. Shaved head designs are NOT permitted.

Make-up, nail varnish and conspicuous hairdressings are NOT permitted.   These are not suitable for school.


The wearing of all forms of jewellery is NOT permitted.  This includes all body/facial piercings.  Exceptions are made for a watch and/or crucifix to be worn underneath the shirt/blouse.  A maximum of one small gold/silver stud earring may be worn in each earrlobe.  Multiple stretched/bars/dangly earrings are NOT permitted.


Plain black shoes with flat heels should be worn.   Boots, suede shoes, canvass, Vans/plimsolls or trainer style shoes are not permitted (except trainers for PE).   Shoes should be appropriate for school use.  This rules out raised heels, casual and fashion shoes.  There should be no logos on shoes or other coloured markings.


Acceptable Footwear for the new Astro Turf
Students using the astro turf must only wear trainers or astro-shoes (shown below).  Blades and studs are NOT permitted.   We want to keep this new facility in great condition so we can continue to use it for years to come. 

Students are to respect the astro turf by adhering to the school rules of no eating, no litter and no chewing. 
Sanctions are in place if the school rules are not respected.

New Year 7 Uniform

      newYr7uniformgirl  Newr7uniformboy

In September 2017 the school has introduced a new KS3 uniform.   This will be compulsory for the Year 7 students joining us in September 2017.  This uniform can only be purchased from the school.
Those in Year 8 and 9 will be able to purchase the existing KS3 school uniform. 

Click here to read for the New Year 7 Leaflet Guide

PE School Kit

In 2015 the school introduced a new PE kit as outlined below:  

      new PE socks 1      new PE socks 2
Sports Socks

StemundsNEWsportssock final design

Black/Green/White embroidered sports top.
Black/Green/White sports shorts.
School kit socks.
Plain black tracksuit bottoms.
Plain black tracksuit top (outside only). 
*X-Trainers/Running Trainers/Astro football trainers (NO canvas)

x-trainerspic         running trainers pic         astro football trainers

*Not available to buy from school but can be bought from sports shops and/or supermarkets.

Uniform Sanctions

Dealing with uniform issues detracts from our core purpose as a school: learning and teaching.   Parents/carers are urged to ensure that their child is sent to school in the correct school uniform or they should bring a note into school explaining the reason behind an item of uniform being incorrect i.e. incorrect footwear.

Where uniform rules are broken the school has the right to impose a sanction.  Each case is different and could include the following:

An initial warning.
A phone call or letter to parents.
Confiscation of an inappropriate item of clothing i.e. hoodie, nose ring, coat.

Working in isolation.
Students may be asked to return home to rectify the problem.
In extreme circumstances students may be excluded from school.

School Uniform Shop Opening Hours (term time only)

The Uniform Shop is open 3 - 4pm  (3 - 3.30pm Friday) for parents/guardians.

Pupils can purchase uniform at break-time, lunch-time or after school.

Alternatively please visit our dual supplier who are open daily:
PA School and Sportswear (Penelope Ann)
34-36 Tangier Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, PO3 6RB.

Uniform orders can be submitted in advance electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a timescale when these items will be collected.   Payment can be made via debit card, cash or cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to "St Edmund's Catholic School".

Use of Bursary

The bursary money for 2016-2017 academic year was £100.  Those eligible for a Bursary for 2017-2018 will be written to at the start of the new academic year once the funding has been received by the school.

To access the bursary there is a claim form which needs to be completed prior to any money allocated.  This bursary form can be obtained from the school reception.  (Transactions must total over £10 per claim form).    The bursary will be available for parents to use during the academic year 2017-2018 only by a specified deadline.   This money cannot be given directly to parents but spent in school at the request of parents.  The amount of available bursary for the academic year is £100 per student (for those entitled to Free School Meals only).

For example, the bursary could be used for:

- Contribute towards the cost of uniform.
- Supplement the cost of a school trip.
- Pay for specific school related resources.
- Pay for work experience (Year 10 only).
- Go towards paying the school building fund or technology.
-   Contribution towards music tuition.
- Other agreed expenditure.

Size Guides

Many items of School Uniform are sold as a specific size not by age – if you are used to buying by age we advise that you measure your child and check the age / inch comparison Size Guide below.

Garment sizes in inches are a “to fit” size, therefore if your child measures a 26″ chest we would advise you to order a 26″ chest as garments are made to fit that chest size – only order a larger size if you are allowing room for growth.

                Size guide    

School Uniform Shop Enquiries

For any enquiries relating to the School Uniform shop please contact:
Ms Slight (Executive PA to Headteacher/Office Manager)
on 023 9289 2585 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Useful Information

Shop Opening Times

School Uniform Guide

New Year 7 School Uniform Guide

 KS3 Uniform Order Form - Years 8 & 9

KS3 Uniform Order Form - New Year 7 only

KS4 Uniform Order Form - Years 10 & 11



St Edmund's has launched it's new Website!

If you are here, you have our old address! Please click the link below to visit our new site!


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Please note, This Site is now Archived - No Content will be updated or added to.