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Student Council


Year 7 - 16
Year 8 - 10
Year 9 - 28
Year 10 - 8
Year 11 - 11

Managed by Mrs Scriven


On 24th October 2014 - Non-Uniform day raising money for CAFOD £344 (Chaplaincy and Student Council) and £344.05 for Off the Record.

£31.09 - bake sale (for CAFOD / Off The Record).


11th November 2014 - Remembrance Day.  The Student Council and Chaplaincy Team organised a large poppy which students covered with pennies to help the British Legion with the poppy appeal.  This co-incided with a drama that took place in the English Department and was also promoted through Drama.  We are still awaiting confirmation of the total amount raised.


Future Fundraising

Christmas 2014

Year 7 - Robert's Centre - toys for the children in the local area.
Year 8 - OAP party - party for our elderly in the local area.
Year 9 - John Pound Food Centre - for the homeless in our local area.
Year 10 and 11 - The Rowans - our local Hospice.

Spring Term 2015

Bamenda and Chaplaincy.  To support our overseas school of John Paul II as this is what our Diocese support every year to go towards the purchase of the Chaplaincy Award badges.

Summer Term 2015

CAFOD and Young Carers.  CAFOD as we are teamed up with other schools in our area on a new project to support CAFOD.  Our Young Carers group need support and trips out and we need to support our own.

School Trips & Events

21st October - PHSE - Mock Election.   Students were invited to submit three party manifestos and presented why they wanted to vote them in.  A presentation was then given on the reasons why.  The Student Council then watched video clips from different Party Leaders and were asked to report back how they came across and why some were better than others and the reasoning behind this.  

Mockelection1        Mockelection3

4th November - 30 representatives of Student Council visited the Houses of Parliament.   

    Schoolcouncillondon2      Schoolcouncillondon

19th November - a selection of students attended the an event at the Lakeside 1000 in North Harbour who opened their doors to schoolchildren to give them an idea about jobs available to them in the future.  Firms gave presentations to the children to let them know what sort of jobs could be open to them. One pupil from the school said "It's a good experience because we are learning about different things in Portsmouth".  "It will help a lot,  We have learnt about how we can make things we use every day out of different items".   Another student said "It helps determine what I'm going to be when I am older.  It's helping me thing about it more".  "I want to do something with graphics and ICT and business". "Here we get to see what kind of jobs there are and see what we can do".

Schoolcounciltrip       Schoolcounciltrip2

21st November - students from Student Council and the Gifted and Talented Register were invited to 'Takeover' the Mary Rose Museum.   The event was part of a National Takeover day which saw companies up and down the country literally being taken over the pupils and taking on roles and jobs that adults usually do.  Mary Kinoulty who is Head of Learning at the Museum and Mr Paul Griffiths who is Head of Operations contacted the school and was full of praise for our pupils, they said "the pupils were confident, articulate and full of fantastic ideas which were imaginative and perceptive.  We were all deeply impressed and will most certainly be carrying some of the ideas forward".


A student used the power of social media to get her favourite drink back (Suso) on her school menu – and received a £1,000 cash prize.

The student  had to set out why she loved the drink, to be in with a chance of winning the £1,000 for sponsorship an activity of her choice and £5,000 for the school. In her video, she explained why she loved Suso and said she wanted it back on sale at the school’s canteen.  It had been taken off the school menu as the canteen manager decided to change what was on offer.  The film so impressed the Suso judges that she took the top prize.

Click here for a full copy of the press release

In February 2015 a selection of students were given the chance to question City Council members and took part in the first leaders' question and answer session.  Councillor Steve Wylie, the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, spoke to them about the importance of democracy.  The event was organised by Portsmouth Youth Parliament.

In May 2015 a selection of students were invited along to watch this year's Mayor Making to see Councillor Frank Jonas becoming Lord Mayor again.


Road Safety Monitoring

Main issues

Cars stopping in the middle of the road to pick up children therefore stopping the flow of traffic causing stationery traffic.

Parents parking on zigzag lines.

Cars parking on the corner on double yellow lines.


School solutions so far

The Student Council went outside for three days to observe the problems and to conduct this road safety scrutiny.

It was quite plain to see how dangerous it was while doing this we noticed that while the pupils were out on the pavement conducting the survey that cars did not stop on the zigzags.

At the Student Council meeting they discussed the possibility of pupils going out on the pavement wearing high visibility vests to be a presence to deter cars stopping on the school entrance.

There are always at least two members of staff and one SMT member helping the pupils cross the road.

Impact of school solutions

Since this half-term there have been four Student Council pupils on the gate along the full length of the zigzag lines.

This certainly does seem to have had a positive impact and cars do not park on the school entrance while the pupils are there.

The Student Council frequently meet to discuss varying school issues.  One concern relates to the improvement of the bike sheds and the Student Council on the 23rd March 2016 wrote to the Headteacher raising their concerns.

Click here to view the letter from Student Council



St Edmund's has launched it's new Website!

If you are here, you have our old address! Please click the link below to visit our new site!


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Please note, This Site is now Archived - No Content will be updated or added to.