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Art Image of the Week


By Pearl Denham
Year 8


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We look forward to the return of our students back to St Edmund's Catholic School on Monday 19th February 2018. We…
St Edmund's Catholic School will be closed for half-term from the 12th until the 16th February 2018.
The school currently has a vacancy for a Parent Governor. Further details can be found on the school website (Gove…
Art Image of the Week by Year 7 student.


Life of St Edmund's Prayer


Heavenly Father, as we gather in prayer, we ask for the guidance and inspiration of our school patron,
St Edmund, who led a life based on Gospel values and the belief in the power of God.

We pray that like Edmund, each of us will personally come to believe that,
“I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13)
and that together our school community may grow ever closer to you and to one another.

May our school be a place that reaches out to the wider community
and is mindful of the environment around us.

We pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.                                                                     


Cashless Catering System - Biometric & PIN

From September 2014 we have implemented a new system which incorporates fingertip identification. This will replace the swipe cards, which means no more lost or broken cards.

Students place their fingertip on a scanner to make a payment for their food. This is their ‘digital signature’ which is stored as data points (similar to reference points on a map). The software then encrypts them into a set of letters and numbers which is hosted on our own school server. Nobody has access to this information and the stored data points can only be viewed as a string of numbers and letters.

The information collected will be used solely for school purposes and held on the school system only. This technology is very secure and is commonly used within secondary schools across the UK.

As you are aware the school uses a secure on-line payment system, Parent Pay. This is your child’s Cashless Catering account and will still be available to accept payments. As parents/carers, you can top up your child’s account for the purchase of food and drinks using a debit or credit card and the balance can be viewed at any time. Parent Pay can also be used to pay for other items ie: school trips. You will be sent more information plus your login details once your child has started in September.

Cashless Catering Beat the Queues!

Top Tips for students

Parent Pay – Top up online, details available from Finance Hatch.

Top up at the cash loaders before Registration in the morning.

Remember to check the queues at both the Hall and Finance Loaders.

Read the finger placement instructions on the loaders.


                    Frequently Asked Questions

Why biometrics and not remain with card or PIN?

Other methods of identification can often lead to problems and misuse – cards and PIN numbers are passed around amongst students + they can also be regularly left at home or forgotten. There is also an actual cost attributed to the cards so by implementing a biometric system – no extra charges to anybody will occur.

Why not carry on with the existing methods used within the canteen?

St Edmunds feel that the current catering system in place needs replacing/upgrading as it has been in operation for some years. We feel that by opting for a new system allows us to look at new and improved alternatives and we feel that implementing a biometric system will increase productivity as a whole. Cards would quite often be misplaced or be passed around by pupils and by opting for a biometric system this would rule out any of these issues and large amounts of administration time by staff replacing cards.

What exactly is happening when we take a biometric fingertip image?

The light on the reader is used solely to illuminate the fingertip and the scanning device then effectively takes a photograph. On a camera the image data would be stored so that the picture can be reproduced again & again. On the fingertip reader, most of the data is discarded and only a limited number (approx. 120) of random points on the fingertip are retained. These are not stored as images but are converted using a mathematical process to convert the image data to what is essentially a string of random numbers – this is unique to each student and staff member. It would be extremely difficult to "reverse engineer" the process to get back to the image data, but even if that were achieved, all that would be revealed would be the 120 random points of the fingertip. It is impossible to "recover" the total fingertip image as we do not capture a fingerprint.

Where is this data stored?

The data captured is kept within a secure database which is in turn securely held on the schools server, this is not taken away by anybody else or by the system suppliers.

Is this technology new and un-tested?

Schools/Colleges and Academies within the UK have been using biometric systems for near on 10 years now. The system is been provided by a reputable company who have been in existence for 10+ years. They are also solely dedicated to the education sector.

What will happen to the biometric data captured when my son/daughter leaves the College?

All biometric information captured will be permanently deleted on leaving St Edmund’s Catholic School.

What happens if I do not want my child to use the Biometric System?

An account can be set up using a Pin number at a cost of £3.00 per child and is unique to your child. Instead of scanning their fingertip they will be asked to type a code into a machine at the cashpoint, rather like chip and pin but without the card.

What happens if my child forgets their Pin number?

If your child forgets their Pin number there will be a fee of £2.00 payable for every reset. The security of the Pin number is the responsibility of the individual student.

Report an Absence

Reporting a child absent

Parents are required to report pupil absence to the school by 9.00am
(Unless school is closed)

023 9282 3766 (option 1)
Text: 07624 816830
Local Call: 0844 239 3488

Visit our
Absence from School page for further information. 

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School Events

Spring Term Events

These dates are accurate at time of going to press and are subject to change.

February 2018

School Re-opens for all students

W/c 26th
Reading Week
KS3 students must remember their reading books this week


World Book Day
Students can dress up as their favourite character from a book
but must be suitable attire to wear in school all day

Dance Show, 7pm

OAP Party
2pm - 4pm

Year 8 Parents Evening
4pm - 6.30pm

Last Day of Term

Good Friday
(School Closed)

Easter Holiday
2nd - 13th April 2018

School re-opens on the 16th April

eBook Lending

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Stars of the Week

Performing Arts &
Music Stars of the Week

All students who participated in the Performing Arts Day.

Thank you all for your hard work throughout the day learning Drama, Dance and Music from We Will Rock You the musical. 
We were so impressed with your final performance.

Keep up the excellent work!

Help & Advice

Click here for advice if you are being bullied or use the links below:
childline sm2
For Children who are in trouble or danger
knowitall sm2
Internet Safety (E-Safety) Advice for Parents & Children
 bullying sm
Help & advice if you are being Bullied.
digizen sm
Help & Advice if you are being Cyber-Bullied

ceop sm2
Report inappropriate web content involving Children

Staff Links

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Booking System

Staff Absence  
Staff should report absence to the school by 7.30am
(Unless school is closed)

In the case of severe weather only
Text severe weather absence line on 07624 816832  
before 7.30am