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Art Image of the Week


By Michelle Truong
Year 11

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Students will not be required to wear blazers in school for the rest of this week.
Students are to be in school tomorrow in full school uniform but please note that blazers will not be required.
Due to hot weather on Tues 20 June 2017 all students will be able to attend school in either their FULL school uniform or FULL PE Kit.
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We look forward to welcoming our Year 7 Parents/Carers to Parents Evening today at 4pm - 6.30pm.


Life of St Edmund's Prayer


Heavenly Father, as we gather in prayer, we ask for the guidance and inspiration of our school patron,
St Edmund, who led a life based on Gospel values and the belief in the power of God.

We, pray that like Edmund, each of us will personally come to believe that,
“I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13)
and that together our school community may grow ever closer to you and to one another.

May our school be a place that reaches out to the wider community
and is mindful of the environment around us.

We pray in union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.                                                                     



The History Department

Approach to Teaching

History at St Edmund’s involves an extensive variety of learning experiences to develop skills including historical source analysis, role play, discussion and debate.  The aim of the History staff is to nurture the love of the subject and to develop enquiring minds.  At St Edmund’s, we place great emphasis on getting pupils to think independently and question established viewpoints in History. 

Investigations are encouraged outside the classroom with fieldtrips arranged for every year group.  GCSE students, for example have the opportunity to come with us to Berlin, whilst Year 9 students visit the Imperial War Museum to examine the treatment of Jewish people in Nazi Germany and gain a greater insight into World War I and II. Year 8 students visit the Historical Dockyard in Portsmouth and Year 7 students have the opportunity to visit Winchester Cathedral.


Key Stage 3 content (Year 7-9)

Year 7

What is History?

How did the Norman conquest change Britain?

What was it like to live in the Medieval times?

Rats or Rebels: What was more significant in improving the lives of the Peasants the Black Death or the Peasants Revolt?

Challenges to the Kings Power: When did the Kings lose control?

Who was the most significant Tudor?

Year 8

Why was the British Empire so important?

How did Slavery end in Britain?

How did the Industrial Revolution change Britain?

How significant was Jack the Ripper?

What is the History of our Navy?

How did 2 bullets cause the death of 20 million people?

Year 9

Who were the dictators of 1930s? (Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini)

How did World War II change the lives of British people?

Did all Germans hate the Jews?

How did the British Empire come to an end? (India, Kenya, Hong Kong)

What is Terrorism?

How did one wall change the lives of so many people? (Berlin Wall)


Key Stage 4 content / exam board / spec (Year 10-11)

OCR History B Modern World – J417, J117

Unit A971 Aspects of International Relations, 1919–2005, and the chosen Depth Study

German Depth Study 1919-1945

·         Was the Weimar Government doomed from the start?

·         Why was Hitler able to dominate Germany by 1933?

·         How effective was the Nazi regime in controlling German people?

·         What was it like to live in Nazi Germany?

Cold War International Relations Core Study 1945-1970

·         Who was to blame for the Cold War?

·         Who won the Cuban Missile Crisis?

·         Why did the USA fail in Vietnam?

Written Paper

2 hours – 81 marks 45% of the qualification

Question Paper:

2 parts: In Part 1, candidates answer questions depending on the core content they have studied. Part 2 is the depth study

Unit A972 British Depth Study

British Depth Study 1939-1975

·         How did immigration change Britain between 1939 and 1975?

·         How did life change for women between 1939 and 1975?

·         How did being a teenager change between 1939 and 1975?

Written Paper

1 hour 30 minutes – 53 marks

30% of the qualification

Question Paper:

Candidates answer all questions.

Unit A973 Historical Enquiry

In recent years the enquiry has been upon the American West; although, due to the nature of the task the topic can change.

Controlled Assessment worth 50 marks

25% of the qualification

Approximately 2000 words

Report an Absence

Reporting a child absent

Parents are required to report pupil absence to the school by 9.00am
(Unless school is closed)

023 9282 3766 (option 1)
Text: 07624 816830
Local Call: 0844 239 3488

Visit our
Absence from School page for further information. 

Best Tutor Group of the Week:
w/c 12th June 2017
7 Devereux -  99.23%

Well done!

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School Events

Summer Term Events

These dates are accurate at time of going to press and are subject to change.

June 2017

Year 5 School Tours, 0825
(fully booked)

21st to 24th
Oliver! School Production
Tickets available from 5th June

Year 5 School Tours, 0825
(fully booked)
Year 8 Retreat

Year 5 School Tours, 0825
(fully booked)
Year 8 Retreat

Year 11 Leavers Prom, 6pm
Royal Marines Museum
Year 10 Taster Day to Portsmouth College

Inset Day (school closed for students)


New Year 7 Induction day (1)
New Parents Evening

New Year 7 Induction day (2)
New Parents Evening

KS4 Uniform Sales, 3-4pm
Opportunity for Year 9s to purchase KS4 uniform

Year 7 Celebration Assembly

Year 8 Celebration Assembly

Year 10 Celebration Assembly

Year 9 Celebration Assembly

18th July
KS4 Reward Trips

Whole School Sports Day
HMS Temeraire

Last Day of Term

Dates for the Diary:
2nd October
Open Evening
6pm - 8.30pm

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Stars of the Week

Drama Stars

7 Kolbe for working with focus throughout the lesson to create some very imaginative mimed performances of 'The Bank Robbery'.   

Dance Stars

Karolina, Molly, Michelle, Grace and Kamara in 8 Kolbe for thoroughly creative examples of contact work and lifts to your choreography - very well done!

 Waterpolo Stars

Pearl Denham - 7 Newman

Owen Davis - 9 Kolbe

Keep up the good work!

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