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Life beyond St Edmund's Catholic School..........

We are always interested to find out what former pupils have done since leaving the school and to share in their challenges and successes along the way. Former students are invited to contact the school by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to update the school on what they have gone on to do since leaving.

We hope you will stay in touch with us, whereever you are and whatever you are doing.

Past Pupils:
Emma Bex, Mabel Denham, Jonsun Smart, Tom Shaw, Eve Hessey, Maddison Godley, Julian Ward, Taylor Hanson and Autumn Valentine
(Leavers: 2015)


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Past Pupil: Mia Willett (2013 Leaver)


Mia has joined the Army and has been based in Harrogate for the past 4 months attending army training college. Mia plans to be an army medic.   Since leaving St Edmund's Mia has totally changed and is now used to getting up at 5am every day being ready for inspection, no make-up and conforming to uniform regulations.

Past Pupil: Lara Cooper-Chadwick (2012 Leaver)

Lara has done numerous things since leaving St Edmund's, including a gap year working at Waterstones and a Foundation Course in Acting at Rose Bruford College. As well as getting into National Youth Theatre, Lara has been offered places at two different Drama Schools: Rose Bruford College and The Oxford School of Drama.   The Oxford School of Drama is Lara's top choice.  They offer 19 places out of over 1000 applicants so she is very lucky.  The school has trained the likes of Claire Foy, Charity Wakefield, Sophie Cookson and Andrew Gower. 

Past Pupil: Declan Groom (2011 Leaver)

AlumniOwen      AlumniOwen2


Declan joined the Army in August 2015, completing his 14 weeks basic training in November; he won an award for 'best recruit'.

He has just completed 10 weeks combat training at th Gibraltar Barracks in Fleet; during this period he also passed his driving test. He will be spending the next 10 weeks in Hull where he be learning to drive HGV's.  Following this he will be assigned to the Royal Engineers, where he will begin training as a Geographic Technician.     The photograph above features Declan at his passing out parade in November 2015.

Past Pupil: Astrid Morandet (2011 leaver)

- ENSA Nantes (Ecole Nationale Superieur D'Architecture), 1st Year.
- Portsmouth University, 2nd and 3rd Year.

Grade: First Class Honours (graduated July 2016).

What are you doing/current job?

I am an architectural assistant working for a local architect obtaining experience in the industry before starting my Masters.  The job mostly involves designing, building 3D models, sending out planning applications and site visits.

What do you think you will do in the future?

Finish off my studies to become a fully qualified Architect.  Then I would like to travel to gain a broader understanding of architecture and evetually find a position in the design team of a well reputed firm.

Past Pupil: Gareth Owen (2010 leaver)

Tpr Owen of the Household Cavalry Lifeguards is a member of the household division that makes up the Queens Royal Bodyguard.

Gareth is coming up to his two year point in the Army with another year ceremonial duty left in London where Gareth will partake in the Queens birthday parade and the state opening of Parliament.   Gareth will soon move on to Windsor where he will join the Armoured Reconnaissance side of the regiment where his future aspirations are to become a sniper.

Past Pupil: Mr J Were (2000 leaver)

Joe Were website

When I walked out the gates on that balmy June afternoon in 2000, I had no idea I'd be back 7 years later to haunt the hallowed corridors of PO1 1RX; weightier, wiser, better dressed (although that's arguable). It seems only yesterday that I'd been ripping holes in my trousers on the KS3 playground, cowering in fear of Mr Crossland in Science or being given free reign to feed my imagination by Mrs Jackson in English. Now, I'm the one feeding imaginations (although I do still occasionally have a hole in my trousers).

In some ways I'm a bit sad that my school days have been erased by all my experiences as a member of staff here, but the inclusive atmosphere and ethos of St. Edmund's means I can't grumble really. It's amazing to see so many ex-pupils return here as staff - there's around six of us at the moment - and that is testament to the community ideal that this school fosters. I have so many friends that pop back to represent staff teams or ask how members of staff are; everyone who leaves St. Edmund's remembers it with fondness.  Facilities these days are also exemplary - the school has undergone a huge turnaround in the time I have been here and that is all credit to the amazing effort of pupils and staff alike. It is a real pleasure to come to work here everyday knowing what a difference we all make.

Of course, on the off-chance I do forget those old days I am always reminded by my old school photo hanging on the wall; I swear it grows older and uglier every day whilst I remain preserved - unblemished in some garish and gaudy suit, a modern day Dorian Grey. I hope the pupils I have the fortune to teach now come back in future to keep the St.Edmund's conveyor belt of talent turning...

Past Pupil: Mr C Nicol (1973 leaver)

CHN alumuni photo

As an ex-pupil of St Edmund’s from 1969 to 1973 the last profession I considered was to be a teacher. At school I was streamed in the A set which was for more able students, however I only excelled in Art and sports, (particularly football) as I did not apply myself to learning and was more interested in being the the class fool.   Yet I have many fond memories of being a student at St Edmund’s. In particular Maths with Mr Fitzgerald who was great fun and Art with Mr Wiley who gave me the freedom to express my ideas.

The ethos, the essence of Christian love and care was evident then as it is now. It is something indescribable yet memorable for most past students. It is the Christian duty that teachers had and still have that motivates them to do their best for the students.

After leaving St Edmund’s in 1973 with a handful of mediocre ‘O levels’ I embarked on a career as a Compositor in the printing trade. After a year on apprentice wages I began a checkered career moving from one job to another; these included working on the tugs, general laboring, window-fixing, sales, screen-printing and store-work.

It was whilst working in HM Dockyard Portsmouth in 1998 I decide to re-educate myself and train as a teacher.

I qualified in 2003 as a Primary teacher and moved into teaching in the secondary sector in 2004. I joined St Edmund’s in 2005 and I am in my 10th year of teaching Religious Education.

I enjoy my work immensely and consider it a God-given privilege to be responsible for a young person’s education.

Past Pupil: Mr M Jones (1971 Leaver)


i came across the St Edmunds Homepage by chance and thought i would like to let you know my memories of the years i spent at St Edmunds. 
I have some very fond memories of St Edmunds which both my sister and brother attended  - i was at the school from 1966 until 1971 and left with 3 O Levels and 2-3 CSE’s.

Headmaster in those days was Mr Alban Kelly, who like me lived in Waterlooville and his Deputy Mr Cassidy. I remember being taught Maths by Mrs Cripps, then quite an old and very strict lady who lived on the seafront in Southsea.  English was with Miss Mahoney- always in a Miniskirt and wearing John Lennon glasses, PE and swimming with the 2 Mr Dyers (Young one and Old one).

I had special tuition in German with Mr Kelly as I had previous Knowledge( having a german mum) and was too advanced for the normal class.  Mr Kelly spent some years teaching in Hamm in Germany and seemed happy to have me 2-3 times weekly in a private audition in the headmasters office!
I remember Science/Chemistry and religion with Miss Medd, Cooking with Mrs Grant and Sister Mary Bernadette who used to travel to school daily from the Isle of Wight.  Other Teachers I had were Mrs Finlay and Mr Gilbert (French), Mr Jeffries (Woodwork) Mrs Hobbs (Geography) who was a big Canada Fan.

My class teacher for some years was Mrs Norton (Mr Norton was also a Teacher at the school) and Mrs Moriaty. Mr Fitzgerald taught Maths and Science
In those days we had 2 Prefabricated buildings out in the playground to accommodate the growing size of the school. The School entrance was down the steps in upper Arundel Street.  I spent some years as a Librarian in the days when Mrs Lister ran the Library. Sometimes we went out to the playing fields on the Eastern Road near the old Airport (on a Portsmouth Corporation red Doubledecker Bus) to play football or running lessons.
In those days the classes were known as 1 Alpha, 1 Beta etc.

I left St Edmunds in July 1971 and have made my home in the black forest in Germany and have my own travel agency.

In the meantime I am 61 and father of 2 Children and Granddad to an 8 and 6 years.

Past Pupil: Mr H Kirrane (Leaver 1969)

Having a hunger for travel I opted for the Royal Navy and selected the trade of telecommunnications. 

I was lucky being able to travel the world visiting some amazing countries including sadly involvement in the Falklands War of 1982.  On leave the RN I successfully resttled into civilian life and perused a second career in the fast moving IT sector, working for Barings Bank, Southern Electricity and Aviva.



St Edmund's has launched it's new Website!

If you are here, you have our old address! Please click the link below to visit our new site!


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Please note, This Site is now Archived - No Content will be updated or added to.